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3 Secrets to Picking the Best Affiliate Offers to Promote

Here’s one thing the super affiliate marketers do differently than everyone else: they know how to pick a good product to promote.

You see, choosing the wrong affiliate offer can ruin your online business and destroy your reputation.

Do you think your subscribers will still trust you if you recommend a shoddy product or a scamming vendor? Not a chance.

That’s why I ensure that I protect my reputation and my online business by only promoting high-quality products put out by reputable vendors.

In fact, these 3 simple steps I outline below have ensured that I don't pick a lemon or affiliate myself with shady vendors. They've made all the difference to the success of my online business in recent years.


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How to get started with Youtube Marketing, and why you should

As the demand for quality video content increases, YouTube continues to gain more subscribers.

Worldwide, YouTube has over 1 billion users (yes, a billion) and a whopping 30 million of them watch videos every day. An astounding 5 billion videos are viewed each day, totaling in over 500 million hours of daily viewing.

Over 300,000 new videos are uploaded daily. 80% of people ages 18 to 49 regularly watch YouTube videos. Over 50% of YouTube videos are viewed on mobile devices and the average mobile viewing session lasts 40 minutes. Youtube provides an amazing opportunity for you to connect with your audience.

So clearly the general stats and demographics are there and by themselves they warrant using YouTube as a marketing channel, but the marketing-related stats are even more compelling.

Today, around...

Launch Successful Marketing Campaigns on Facebook for Free, NOW!

One could argue that there has truly never been anything like Facebook. The undeniable king of social networks took the web by storm several years ago and has since become a household name.

Almost everyone has a Facebook account (and about 3/4 of all U.S. adults check it regularly). There is simply no other platform so consistently and universally used all around the globe.

For many businesses and organizations, their Facebook presence has replaced their actual website (at least in importance) because people are more likely to interact and receive updates there.

Is there a blackout in your city or an emergency in your local area? There’s a good chance the power company or news agencies will be posting updates on Facebook more quickly and consistently than their own websites. Why? Because...

This Is How I Find Great Freelancers To Create Awesome Products For Me


One of my business ventures is the selling of digital products such as ebooks, videos and apps, and therefore know just how hard it is to create all these products myself.

Is it possible?

You bet. As long as I don’t mind growing my business at a snail’s pace. If watching my competitors overtake me and swipe my market share doesn’t bother me, then I can try to do everything myself.

However, I've found a better way: hire professional freelancers to help me out. These freelancers create products for me, create content, and even help me market my business. Best of all, they often do this better and faster than I can.

But there’s a catch….

3 Lead Magnet Tips to Growing an Email List Fast!

Back in the day when I started out with email marketing, it was super easy to build a big email subscriber list fast.

That’s because email was still a bit of a novelty to a lot of people, and they were willing to freely give their email address away in exchange for a weekly newsletter or download.

That however, is not the way things work today and regrettably there's still a lot of email marketing manuals floating around that teach list-building strategies from 15 years ago.

Even some new manuals teach this rehashed garbage, simply because the product creator hasn’t built a list in the last decade, and that’s why some of today’s list builders are making so many mistakes.

One of the top mistakes they’re making is...

Start Getting Noticed With LinkedIn Marketing TODAY!

LinkedIn isn’t just for helping you recruit top talent or finding your dream job. It has also become a powerful means of organic B2B marketing.

You can of course leverage paid marketing on LinkedIn, but even with paid marketing every business needs to invest in building their organic presence. While B2B marketing is the most effective, don’t discount LinkedIn for B2C.

The first step in getting started on LinkedIn is setting up your Company Page. This is the place that people will be directed to if they type your business name into your website.

The concept of a Company Page is a bit similar to a Facebook newsfeed, but allows you to post static content that can be updated at any time. This includes...